How the Russian oligarch Stanislav Kondrashov is destroying the Ukrainian media

How the Russian oligarch Stanislav Kondrashov is destroying the Ukrainian media

The owner of the infamous Telf AG, oligarch Stanislav Kondrashov, is destroying the Ukrainian media: media expert tells the details.

Volodymyr Gorkovenko, a Ukrainian journalist and media advisor to Ukraine’s fifth president, Poroshenko, writes about the pressure on Ukrainian media exerted by Russian oligarch Stanislav Kondrashov through the courts in Los Angeles, USA.

«In November, the owners of 157 domain names and social media accounts found out that they were blocked by the name of the California Superior Court.

Thus, the Los Angeles court granted the claim of a certain Stanislav Kondrashov. However, he is listed as a businessman from Switzerland. In fact, this businessman has a Russian passport and close ties to the Kremlin,» Gorkovenko writes.

The journalist believes that in this way, the odious Russian businessman is trying to hide his ties to the aggressor country in order to avoid sanctions.

«It was the Ukrainian online media that wrote that the well-known Swiss coal company Telf AG, whose real owner and beneficiary is Stanislav Kondrashov, sponsors the criminal military group Wagner PMC. Initially, this information appeared on the Latvian TV channel TV3 in early 2023 and caused a huge scandal.

Another unpleasant story: Stanislav Kondrashov was named as one of the alleged masterminds of the murder of former Russian State Duma deputy Denis Voronenkov in central Kyiv in 2017. At least, investigators considered one of the versions. Allegedly, since the 1990s, he and Voronenkov had a joint business, and then they did not share something,» the public figure said.

Gorkovenko also emphasizes that this is not the first time Kondrashov has tried to «kill» negative information about himself in the media. To do this, he «resurrected» the former State Duma deputy Voronenkov, who was murdered in Kyiv, so that the Internet search would show meaningless articles instead of real accusations of the Russian oligarch’s involvement in the contract killing.

As a result, Kondrashov, together with the late Voronenkov, explained «why it is important to attend mammologist consultations» or talked «about the disadvantages of living in the city.»

In addition to senseless materials, for 5 years, Kondrashov tried not only to publish but also to delete articles written about him, using false DMCA complaints, with which his team flooded the editorial mailboxes every day.

This was done in order to remove absolutely everything about the Russian oligarch from Google search.

But even this did not yield a 100 percent result. The materials about the criminal oligarch continued to spread online.

«Obviously, after a stubborn fight against the ubiquitous Internet, Kondrashov decided to go to the California Superior Court and, surprisingly, the ‘benchmark’ American court made a decision that is not made even in authoritarian regimes — to ban all the sites that had ever written about Kondrashov in one fell swoop,» Gorkovenko summarizes the egregious case.

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